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This site is designed to organize community preparedness and recovery in Anderson Springs, California. This site was started by Anderson Springs Recovery on September 17, 2015 and is managed by local organizations in the community.

Residents can request help or sign up to donate and volunteer by clicking on the buttons above. Your information and offerings will be kept confidential and only shown to vetted organizations helping in the community.

Organizations can post their services, request resources, and access the databases of needs, donations, and volunteers by clicking on “I Represent a Local Organization” above.


  • http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/4473834-181/1000-homes-lost-in-lake?gallery=4475505

    w "(about 6 years ago)"
  • I work as a men's stylist for a Dallas based men's clothing company. Our CEO has offered to donate trousers, suit or sport jackets and shirts to those who need to rebuild a work wardrobe. Even if you don't wear dress clothes but a couple of times a month, let me know what you need and we will do our best to get you set up. Contact Christine cmattsson61@gmail.com. We owned at 11150 Van Dorn Reservoir Rd. We are rebuilding!

    Cmattsson "(about 6 years ago)"
  • Friends in Napa have offered their home with a finished garage room as a place to stay. It has two big beds and washer dryer! They are both nurses and have two little girls. Contact cmattsson61@gmail for more info.

    Cmattsson "(about 6 years ago)"
  • We have lots of young mens' clothes in good condition and also some women's clothes, size 8-10, also in very good condition. Some brand new games and children's items, too. We will bring these to the rec to distribute when we can get in.

    SlappyK "(about 6 years ago)"
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